Who gave the Kurdish city of Firoozeh to Niazov?

Bahman Aghai Diba,PhD International Law.

Firoozeh is name of a city that is situated at the moment in the south of the Republic of Turkmenistan. Firoozeh was a Kurdish inhabited city in North of Khorasan Province, Iran that occupied by Russia, 1895. Firoozeh still is a Kurdish inhabited city, jalali tribe.

In order to answer this question of who gave the Kurdish city o Firoozeh to Niazov, we have to see what is Firoozeh and who is Niazov.

Firoozeh is name of a city that is situated at the moment in the south of the Republic of Turkmenistan. The Russian forces occupied this Kurdish inhabited city some time that is not clearly known (but estimates around 1895).

Turkmenistan was at that time part of the Soviet Union and Iran had never accepted the occupation of this city. Unlike the Iranian territories in Azerbaijan that the Russians had taken through the imposed treaties of Golestan and Turkamanchi, the occupation of Firoozeh was not justified even through such methods. The Iranian governments, one after another, since the occupation of the city of Firoozeh by Russians had always protested to this illegal and unfriendly action.

During the reign of the Shah, the area of Firoozeh along with several other points was considered as the disputed border territories in the boundaries of Iran and the USSR. There were several rounds of talks between the two sides for solving the border problems. However, by the time that Shah left Iran and the Islamic regime replaced him, the issue was still unsolved.

Following the collapse of the USSR and during the time that Hashemi Rafsanjani was the president of the Islamic Republic Iran, Iranian officials silently accepted the city of Firoozeh as a part of the newly established Republic of Turkmenistan headed by Saparmorat Niazov. Niazov immediately proceeded to build a castle for himself there with his golden statue. This castle is in fact the capital of Turkmenistan, not Ashgabat.

The “present” of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Niazov was a move apparently in the hope of getting some support in the regime of that country and export the Islamic revolution to the Central Asia. Of course, this never happened. The Iranians lost part of their territory and in return they got nothing but good relations with Niazov.

Now let see who is Saparmurat Niazov?

In Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niazov, was the permanent president. Although this institution (Permanent presidency) was not his invention, he has succeeded to add generously to the definition of the term in the political dictionary. Since the demise of the USSR in 1991, Niazov has been ruling Turkmenistan. He appointed himself as the permanent president in 1999. His “Presidency” was more like the government of old tribal kings. He decides about everything as he wishes. He was also an unpredictable person with instant decisions.

People in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat (apparently it is in fact Ashkabad and related to the old Iranian Ashkanian origins, and not Ashgabat which means “City of Love”), do not know the situation of their houses, because every time, Saparmurat passes the streets, he gives directions to destroy a part of the city and build something in its place. He has given so many strange orders in the last few years that the collection of them looks like a book of black comedy.

Look at these: He has named himself the “Father of Turkmen” or “Turkamanbashi”. According to the state laws, whoever creates doubts about his policies, would go to prison. Saparmurat, who uses a hairpiece to look like Elvis Priestly, has explained this action as a favour to the people who can see their leader in a better appearance.

Saparmurat has written a book called “Rahnama” (the Guide), which is more like Moamar Qadafi’s Green Book (in Libya) rather than Mao’s Red book (in China). He has defined all characteristics of good and bad people in his book, which is a part of the curriculum in all high schools and universities. Like situations in many countries, including Iran (Vasiyat-nameh Emam Khomeini), getting higher marks in this subject is more important than all sciences.

Saparmurat suffers from heart problems. For the same reason, he has established one of the most advanced heart hospitals of the world, with the German technology and staff, in Turkmenistan. The Heart hospital was out of access for the people. Like many other facilities, it is situated near the centre of Niazov’s newly built palaces in the Kurdish city of Firoozeh.

The permanent president had named the months of the year after his mother, and his friends. Later, he made the so-called parliament, to name the New Year after his father. In fact his father, Atamurat died in the Second World War. His mother was not in a position to raise him and he grew up in the public institutions of the Russia for orphans.

He has ordered that men should shave. People are not allowed to listen to radio in the car or go to ballet performances. According to the reports of the international organizations, he was the head of one of the most authoritarian governments in the world.

The people of Iran undoubtedly reserve their rights to look into the case of the Kurdish inhabited city of Firoozeh when the Islamic Republic of Iran collapses and its criminal leaders are put to trial.

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