Iranian nationalities and the real nationalization of Oil in a Federal Iran

Dr Afrasiab Shekofteh

Iran would never get democracy, freedom, independence, stability, peace and security unless political power and natural resources incomes become distributed among all ethnics, nationalities and religious groups based on their gravity in the society. National sovereignty and political ruling officialdom should include all via a peaceful process with respecting others believes and views based on UN human rights framework.

Iran has massive oil reserves, although it is apparently nationalized, but it is absolutely and 100% controlled by government, and people has no rights on their own natural wealth whatsoever, let alone to be in charge of it. An ideological, non-democratic government without any financial affairs transparency authorised to manipulate people’s rights and mights.

There is no even basic human rights, national sovereignty and freedom of political parties and civil societies institutions especially in Kurdish (plus 2 million Kurds in Khorasan), Balochis, Azeri Turks, Arabs, Turkmen, Tabaris (Mazendarani), Lurs & Bakhtiyaris, Gilakis, Taleshis regions, and even Persian (Farsis) democrats are restrained too. People’s demands and rights are denied savagely and they are oppressed severely. Iranian people and nationalities are deserved to be free, get democracy and live in a peaceful co-existence society.

Iran’s massive natural resources which could have been spent in favour of people’s interests, welfare and prosperity of their society, whereas it is not only plundered feasibly by usurper and despotic cleric rulers and bullies, but also its abusing has created a huge civil suppression, mere poverty and whoredom, horror, torturing, jailing, Capital punishments and hanging on cranes, religious minorities viciously persecution, massive corruption, national treason, injustice, reactionary and state retardation. Instead of all these gigantic disasters and tragic catastrophes which are all on going currently in Iran, there could have been an elevated generosity and magnificent development in line of a good economical running with a global free and modern vision. A system alike South Korea and unlike North Korea.

South Pars gas field reserves hold approximately 14 trillion cubic meter natural gas, which is 8% of all worlds’ known gas, and 50% of Iran’s gas reserves. This field is in share with Qatar, and the state of Qatar is already using its part. There is an estimation that this field rather than having gas reserves also has got about 17 million barrel of liquid gas, plus 5 million barrel of crude Oil. Iran by having 28 trillion cubic meter natural gas, hold 18% of the worlds known gas reserves, and ranked in the second place after Russia.
There is a primary contract between Iran’s Oil Company and Royal-Dutch Shell (British-Holland firm) and Spanish company of Repsol on the South Pars gas field as a development scheme of 12 and 13 phases, which its income could be $10 billion.

The establishment of a gas pipe line to Armenistan was commenced on 2006, which is 141 km (110 km on Iran’s soil and the rest inArmenistan). It is in capable of transferring 10 million cubic meters per day, and could be increased in the future.

Iran’s crude Oil reserves has estimated about 150 trillion barrels, which currently 4 million bpd is produced, and 1.5 million bpd is domestic consumption, and the rest is exported. Iran’s natural gas reserves is approximately 28 trillion cubic meters, and from the all production of 85 billion cubic meters, currently about 4 billion cubic meters is exported. Those Countries which is currently have Oil exporting contracts with Iran such as: Japan 16.9 %, China 11.2 %, Italy 5.9 %, France 4.4 %, Holland 4.6 %, Turkey 5.7 %, South Korea 5.8 %, South Africa 4.1 %, Taiwan 4.1 %, and some others.

Iran’s Oil Ministry invited foreign companies for exploration of new Oil fields in an imposed tender meeting on 2006. These new Oil fields are as following: Quchan, Kalat, Raz (3 Kurdish Cities in Khorasan), Naft-shahr, illam (2 Kurdish cities in Kurdistan region), Danan, Fassa, Bandar-Abass, Maraveh-tape (a Turkmen city in Golestan Province), Moqan 1, 2 (Azeri-Turks region), Kavir, Alvand, Ferdusi, Layeh, Taban and Deyr. Exploration’s expenditures of above mentioned Oil fields estimated about 46 million Euros.

All the gas and Oil transactions as an enormous income which is belonged to all Iranian people, and also the future of Oil and gas should not be decided behind the closed doors by those who are not democratic representatives of Iranian people at all. Nowadays, the progress and prosperity of a state within a world that has got a huge competitive global market economy, is only possible if the state has got a democratic government based on a logical and legal ruling officialdom which respect the rights of every single individuals equally in the society and also protect the people’s privacy, which is all in favour of absorbing more investment opportunities.

A huge amount of Oil incomes is spent on a massive heavy weaponry and Atomization for preserving political non-democratic power on oppressed people, nepotism, exporting radical extremist ideology, and fundamentalism, terrorism, cracking down dissidents and elites and oppositions. Iranian peaceful people and democratic world hate this reactionary ideology that has no good will for human being and has no contribution to humanity.
The accuracy, transparency and importance of righteously dividing and justly rationing of Iran’s Oil’s revenues between all Iranian people, nationalities, ethnics and religious minorities would be a powerful element for development, success, increasing human rights and individual dignity, solidarity, and also the state territorial integrity in a democratic federal Iran. Distribution of all natural resources incomes should be based on population proportion in the regions, the level of people’s economy and welfare in the regions, and also considering equality for industrializing and productive investments in all federal regions.
Oil transactions, revenues, justly distribution and investments should be all under direct supervision of Iranian people, for instance; under direct supervision of independent committee of Iran’s Gas & Oil Federal Council (GOFC).

The GOFC rather than confirming the Oil and gas contracts (between Iran’s Oil Company and the buying firms) would also fulfil the programming and planning of the state Oil and gas policy. Federal government in the Capital Tehran in fact would review all the above mentioned confirmed contracts for subsequent process and regulated affairs.

The GOFC members should be elected in a democratic and pluralistic situation for a certain time. They are fully responsible to respond people’s requests and analysis if be necessary, and their activities and services should be revealed updated on media or on the GOFC’s website, to inform people clearly in full, and also by that to prevent any organised corruption and treason.
GOFC members include;
1-     Oil Minister
2-     Planning and Budgets Minister
3-     Director general of central Bank
4-     A democratically elected representative from each of the federal regions

A democratically elected representative from each of the federal regions would defend their own people and nationalities rights via interfering in making decisions and having controls on national and natural wealth.
It is obvious that revising of the state constitution is necessary in respect of state economical reforms and federal budgets balance. A law to be approved by Parliament which by that Oil revenue should be spent on programmed and planned projects, for instance;

A-    80 % of Oil’s revenues to be spent on national health service, development, industrialization and prosperity, especially in towns, villages, and also settlement and occupying of the state immigrant nomadic people (Ashayer-koochro), and  state education.
B-     5 % of Oil’s revenues to be spent on the Oil wells and its places as technical affairs.

C-    10 % of Oil’s revenues to be saved in a third-party bank account for next generations or to be invest clearly on some known profitable projects in a safe country for the future of Iran.

D-    5 % of Oil’s revenues are paid to government for spending on administrative, diplomacy, and other official affairs and so on.

In the meantime, there should be a principal programming on tax revenues too, and tax office should cover everyone by law, and not to exclude political influential individuals and some other religious pocket fillers.  

By having all above mentioned on the ground, the power of central government not only would be reduced strongly but also it would be controlled and haltered by people easily whenever they want to. Those conditions of violence, revolutionary destruction, populist demagoguery, severe despotism, ungenerous nepotism, reactionary fundamentalism, dogmatic terrorism and radicalism of the current government would be changed in favour of increasing people’s political, economical and social power in a wised manner, and by that democracy and legalism, freedom of expressions, gender equality and human rights, individualism and liberty, tolerance of others believes and oppositions would represent the gift that all nationalities to live in an environment of peaceful co-existence equally by law and also in practice on the ground in a democratic federal Iran.

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